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Translated by Prof William L. Smith

[Reproduced from http://atributetosankaradeva.org with thanks] 

Hail Krishna, Vishnu Achyuta, the Supreme Lord.

Mounted on the shoulders of Garuda, he struck down his


In his joyful lila the son of Devaki

carried off the parijata flower for the sake of his beloved.

Victory to Krishna.... more

Translated by Dr. Satyendranath Sarma

[Reproduced from http://atributetosankaradeva.org with thanks]

A complete translation of the above named play, minus its verse portions which are meant to be sung in appropriate rāgas, is given below. The verse portions are metrical renderings of the prose dialogue and Sutradhāra’s commentaries.... more

[Reproduced from http://atributetosankaradeva.org with thanks]

Jaya Guru Sankara / sarva-gunākara / 

yākeri nāhike upām:
Tohāri caranaka / renu satakoti /
bāreka karoho pranām.... more

[Adapted from http://atributetosankaradeva.org with thanks] 

Chapter 'Haramohana' (2nd Kirttana)

 Namo Namo Madhava vidhira vidhidata

Tumi Jagatara gati-mati pita mata

Tumi paramatma jagatara esha eka

Eku bastu nahike tumaka byatireka-9

Tumi karya karana samasta sarasara... more

by Gauri Sankar Borah

Lord Krishna must have been the first to use the word Sarana (lit., shelter) for initiation in Geeta (18/66). But we feel that Srimanta Sankaradeva's use and application of it was quite his own. It is as appropriate as it is unique. ... more

by Dr. Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti

Srimanta Sankaradeva (1449-1568 AD), the patron saint of the Assamese people was a social reformer besides being the founder of a new religious order Eka Sarana Nama Dharma. He used the tool of culture to preach his socio-religious ideology.... more

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