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  • Apr 5 '12
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    Apr 2 '12
    Very Nice.... Nrixinha Avataar
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  • Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva had been striving hard for fostering unity among all Mahapurushiya organisations since its inception. We secured the first step on January 1 by bringing the heads of Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha, Asom Sattra Mahasabha and Eksaran Bhagavati Samaj together during our website launch function. The second step was achieved today in a meeting in Guwahati. All the organisations, including us formed a committee to shape the co-ordination process in a concrete manner.
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  • The Bhortaal Nritya
    BHORTAAL NRITYA The Prelude:  The Bhortaal Nritya is one of the unique creations of Barpeta Sattra. It does not fall under any categor...
    Jan 10 '12
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    Jan 11 '12
    Nice article.
    Jan 11 '12
    Very informative write-up.
    Jan 11 '12
    Thanks Ashimda and Dr Borkakoti. Your encouragement is my capital.
    Jan 16 '12
    Nataraj da excellent. Thanks.
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    Jan 5 '12
    Work is underway for that.
    Jan 5 '12
    above application created by me ,,, but this is a very simple app ..
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  • Joyraj Kalita Sri Sri Cipoha Satra is located in Hamdoi, Titabar. Founded by Krishnacaran Deva under the guidance ...
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  • Pradip Hazarika Dr. Mallika Kandali
    Dec 2 '11
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  • Pradip Hazarika Invitation Card for website launching progm.
    Dec 7 '11
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    Dec 7 '11
    Good work done Pradip.
    Dec 7 '11
    Very nicely prepared. Pradip deserves kudos.
    Dec 7 '11
    Thank u. everything is going nicely. even no problem for finanacial position. we are working a little for GURUJANA. GURUJANA must bless us.
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  • Pradip Hazarika Front & Back page of our Invitation Card.
    Dec 7 '11
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