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Great Stance: The other way from Nataraj Das's blog

One GOBINDA ATOI, a disciple of Mahapurusha SriSri Madhabdeva at Barpeta Sattra, once at midnight, was bitten by a deadly poisonous Cobra. For Gobinda Atoi a Bez (a knowledgeable person who treats patients with locally available herbal medicines in traditional way) was uncalled for and he resorted to NAAM KIRTAN, the Holy holistic way to recover himself from the effects of snakebite. Miraculously Gobinda Atoi got a speedy recovery from this dangerous state through prayer and recital of Holy Songs (NAAM KIRTAN) of God. Later when Gobinda Atoi once visited HEREMAD, people there reported to the king about the incident of snakebite and how Gobinda Atoi had recovered himself from the effect of snake poison. The King Heremeswar then played a trick.  He ordered to feed him deadly poison and wanted a proof if only prayer and recitation of Holy Songs could save him from the poison. As ordered by the king Gobinda Atoi was given deadly poison to drink. Atoi’s body started turning blue and black owing to action of poison. Atoi started praying and this time too prayer (Naam) showed miracle and the action of poison moved out.  The king became dumbfounded witnessing this marvel and applauded that NAAM, GURU and the DEVOTEE are nothing but truths without a doubt. But this phenomenon did not turn out to be laudable for Gobinda Atoi at all. When Guru Sri Sri Madhabdeb was apprised of the incident he became displeased with Gobinda Atoi’s act of resorting to prayer instead of consulting a physician for early recovery and promptly deprecated the methodology Gobinda Atoi adopted. Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdeb could have praised Gobinda Atoi for upholding the power of NAAM in the eyes of King Heremeswar but did not do so wisely. He lambasted Gobinda Atoi for what he had done could have undesirable effect on hoi polloi. Sri Sri Madhabdeb explained to Gobinda Atoi that the miracle had been possible only with persons like the latter who possessed a soul that is holy and submissive to the Almighty. What if a commoner would follow the path shown by Atoi? Wouldn’t it be a fatal one?

             Such was the outlook of Guru Sri Sri Madhabdeb with a difference.

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The Wall

Jul 14 '12
Never knew this story. Thanks Nataraj for sharing it.
Jul 29 '12
Wonderful story..
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By Nataraj Das
Added Jul 14 '12


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