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1.   The website reserves full right to re-edit any part of the materials in its blog even after it is published.

2.   All materials for publication in the website can be sent to editor@sankaradeva.com.

3.   All text materials submitted for publication in blog must be own writing of the person who submits it. In case of using any text material taken from other author(s) it must be duly acknowledged in the main content or in foot-note. The website will not be responsible for any violation of copyright by the person who submits the material for publication.

4.   The photos and videos for publication in the website can also be sent to  editor@sankaradeva.com

5.   All music compositions submitted for posting in this website must be original works. It is the duty of the sender to procure copyright permission of the singer/musician, which has to be sent separately.

6.   Photos uploaded by any one in the website must be photographed by oneself. No photo taken by other person should be uploaded.

7.   Any material posted in the website can be withdrawn at any time in part or full from the website according to the decision of the editor/admin.

8.   All submissions are voluntary and devoid of any pecuniary claim.

9.   The website is not responsible for the observations by the author.

10.  The website does not allow pornographic material or inflammatory materials.

11.  The website reserves the right to remove membership of any person who violates the principles of the website or of Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva. No statement will be issued for that.

12.  Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva is the absolute owner of this website and hence it owns copyright of all posts in this website.

13.  Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva reserves full right to use any post in this website for promotional measures.

14.  Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva reserves full right to reproduce the posts in this website in any other manner.

15.  All materials submitted for publication in this website will be edited according to the style and policy of this website.

16.  Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva or this website or the admin or the editor will not be liable for any untoward impact of any post.

17.  Once some materials are submittted by any contributor, these cannot be withdrawn from the website by the contributor.

18.  It is the prerogative of the website and the editor/admin to approve any submitted material for publication. There will not be any time period for approval.

19.  It is the prerogative of the editor/admin to respond or not to any query by any contributor.

20. Communications regarding content of this site have to be sent to editor@sankaradeva.com.

21. Communications regarding management aspect of this site or any technical issue have to be sent to admin@sankaradeva.com.

22. Communications regarding Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva have to be sent to info@sankaradeva.com.

23. In case of any difference of opinion, the decision given by the President of Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva will be final.