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Amal Mahanta Feb 28 '12
Why sankaradeva added the "Orexa Barnan", in the kirtana? I feel jerk to consider this chapter as his own. In my opinion it has been added by some one else in the post sankarian days.
Ashim Dutta Feb 28 '12
"Orexa Barnan" in the Kirtana-ghosha is a controversial entry. Many people believe that it was not own writing by the saint. Even if it was, it was of his pre-mature age, when his ideas were still taking shape. It happens with all thinkers. Moreover, "Orexa Barnan" just describes the pilgrim centres in Puri. It does not ask devotees to worship innumerable deities or idols.
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Amal Mahanta Feb 28 '12
If it is erased from the kirtana in the next edition and a small book is published as "Orexa Barnan" without adding the name of Gurujana? I have come to know by different reliable sources that it has been added by someone satradhikar by himself own. It can be a conspiracy to defame Gurujana.