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Kirttana Ghosha by Srimanta Sankaradeva from Admin's blog

[Adapted from https://atributetosankaradeva.org with thanks] 

Chapter 'Haramohana' (2nd Kirttana)

 Namo Namo Madhava vidhira vidhidata

Tumi Jagatara gati-mati pita mata

Tumi paramatma jagatara esha eka

Eku bastu nahike tumaka byatireka-9

Tumi karya karana samasta sarasara

Subarna kundala jena nahike antara

Tumi pashu-pakshi surasura taru trina

Ajnanata murhajane dekhe bhinna bhinna-10

Tomarehe mayaye morhita sarbakhyane

Tumi atma tomaka najane ekujane

Samsta  bhutare tumi  asa hridayata

Tatta napai tomaka bisare bahiaota-11

Tumi kevale satya misa sabe ana

Jani jnani gane kare hridayata dhyana

Nabansoho sukha bhoga namagu mukuti

Tomara sarane matra thakoka bhakati-12

Mukhe loko nama mora karne taba katha

Hridayata pada-padma thakoka sarbatha

Sajjanar sanga nugusoka sarbakshyane

Eteka prasada mago tomara sarane-13

English Rendering

I bow, I bow to thee, O the giver of rule
to the rule-maker;
Thou art the motion and motive, and progenitor of the world
Thou art the universal self, the sole God of the world;
there is nothing real other than thee
Thou art the cause and effect
of everything mobile and immobile
just as there is no difference between gold
and the gold earring.
Thou art animals and birds, gods and demons, trees and grass;
it is due to nescience that the bewildered seeth
multiple phenomena.
Being ever infatuated with thine illusion
the fool doth not know thee who art his soul;
thou resideth in the heart of all creatures;
not knowing this truth, he seeketh thee outside.
Thou alone art the real, everything else is false;
knowing this the wise meditate on thee in their hearts.
I seek no spell of happiness,
nor do I need salvation;
let me have only devotion at thy feet,
may my lips utter thy name, my ears hear thy glory;
may the lotus of thy feet be ever in my heart;
may the company of the holy ones do not leave me all time;
this is the favour I seek at thy feet.

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