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  • Tej Hazarika folks, I have joined to learn more about the wonderful creative, syncretic message and legacy of Sankardev. I respect deeply the musical tradition and of course the message of equality and love which is also a part of the tradition so near and dear to so many Assamese. People. Thanks for inviting me to join. I look forward to broadening my knowledge of an important element of Assamese culture.
    Feb 1 '12
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    Feb 1 '12
    I would like to commend you on having created such a rich website, I will be exploring as time permits. Very Curious!!!
    Feb 1 '12
    Welcome to sankaradeva.com. Please navigate the pages as and when you have time. We have social networking facility also here. Notifications appear on top menu bar.
    Feb 2 '12
    Welcome to the world of Sankaradeva!
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